About Us



In 2012, the sister duo Yuki & Miki Sodos, inspired by their cuisine of their home state, New Mexico, opened Bang Bang Café, a cheery daytime spot located in Belltown.

Raised in New Mexico, the sisters grew up in a mixed heritage family amongst a largely Latinx community - and they’ve always felt most at home in melting-pot environments. They wanted their restaurants to reflect the diversity of their background and also the communities that have welcomed them.

While running Bang Bang Café, they also acquired Café Pettirosso on Capitol Hill, which has become a beloved neighborhood spot for many of locals.

In 2019, they decided to reintroduce the concept through Bang Bang Kitchen, this time as a full-service restaurant and bar in Othello. It features some of the same highlights (the Hatch chile, burritos, & vegan mac) but primarily focuses on dinner & late night crowds.



In New Mexico, Hatch chiles are a way of life. Grown in the Hatch Valley, this beloved pepper has made its way into every conceivable regional dish.  

In Albuquerque, when your server asks "Red or green?" this refers to the kind of chile you'd like served over enchiladas, chile rellenos or other New Mexican fare. When in doubt, you can always answer "xmas" and you get bothǃ Picked at peak ripeness or just before, the chiles’ flavors complement each other and make for vibrant and versatile dishes.

“We ate it in hamburgers, stews, burritos, and everything,” explains Miki. “Roasted Hatch chiles have wonderfully spicy, smoky flavor that you just can’t get elsewhere.”

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